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Full Version: Our first map PUBLISHED - Hello and Welcome to the Yogscast
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We did it guys!!!1! The prequel map has been published ( and we've entered and won the Yogscast tribute map contest! ( Great job all, this is a fantastic effort and it feels great to finally have something we created out there and public ^^

Before we focus all of our attention on the big map again, it might be good to upload the map on other sites as well, I saw Pro put it on /r/Yogscastmaps but maybe we could publish it to other popular sites like Minecraft Forum as well to get the hype going Smile

Finally, we could make a little trailer for this map to put on the official ICOS channel, I personally tend to play maps with a nice looking trailer/images more often than those without any.

Anyway, thanks everyone for being such an amazing team, if we keep going like this there's no doubt that we'll finish the big map pretty soon!
(05-05-2014, 02:00 PM)HelloImRame Wrote: [ -> ] might be good to upload the map on other sites as well ..

Yeah we should get it to some places. It is mirrored on the Icos Server as well.

Map Link

Resource Pack Link
Resource Pack Link without sphax
for use on top of
Sphax PureBD 128x128

People might accidentally stumble upon the forum when you use those links where possible Big Grin